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Primers are used to provide a base for application of make-up. They cover up pores, fine lines, wrinkles etc. MILK OF MAGNESIA is a common primer used by make-up artists. I wouldn’t advise you all to use this often. Keep reading to know why 😗😗

MILK OF MAGNESIA is mainly MAGNESIUM HYDROXIDE suspended in water and SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE. It is a laxative and commonly used as an antacid, which is used to neutralize the stomach acidity. I’ve used this as a primer twice, I never liked it. The idea of using a laxative on my face as a primer, WTF. Plus it also broke my skin out. When you studied chemistry in university and you start finding the reaction mechanisms of a drug 🙆🙆.

Some agree it is an awesome primer for oily skin, i disagree because this drug can turn against you. The companies that produced these drugs neither produced them for skin purposes nor was it tested dermatologically or cosmetologically 💁.

This Milk of Magnesia contains Magnesium Hydroxide Mg (OH)2, which is a chemical base that absorbs lipids on the skin ; and Sodium Hydrochlorite (NaClO), known as the active ingredients in bleach and has a high alkaline pH of 10.5 which is not good for your lovely skin. The natural pH of the skin is 5.5, which is mildly acidic.

The protective layer on the skin surface (Acid Mantle) is mildly acidic which helps to maintain the skin integrity. Milk of Magnesia increases the alkalinity of the skin thereby destroying the acid mantle, leaving the skin unprotected, attracts bacteria to get past skin defense and harm the skin, cause irritation, prone to break out & cause dryness especially for sensitive skin. This can cause acne and lead to loss of moisture.

Good skincare products are formulated within the pH of 5-7. That’s why I love SebaMed products, it has a pH of 5.5 which is mild for the skin, but a little pricey for their quantity. Using milk of magnesia is not safe for your skin ladies, as using it often ruins the acid mantle and harms the skin.

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  1. I literally use it on my t-zone about once a month depending on where i am going. But i know how dangerous it is, I dont know how some women can use it everyday

  2. maybe thats it, i wouldnt dare doing that everyday

  3. wow it amazes me the things people will use on their skin. great post 🙂


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