Hello beauties, How’s the weekend going? May this coming week be productive for us all 🙏.

Hmmn, let me gist you all small 😂😊. So I exhausted my olive oil eco-styler gel and ORS olive oil edge control, and i was desperate to get a hair gel. I stumbled upon the same olive oil eco-styler gel but the bigger container which i didn’t hold much money on me to get. The lady told me I should try ENLIVEN HAIR GEL which i bought 😊. This same week, I also bought the CANTU CLEANSING CREAM SHAMPOO which seems awesome. Let me start with the CANTU.


The CANTU CLEANSING CREAM SHAMPOO has a lovely fragrance. It is slightly white and thick. Tbh, I haven’t fully tested this product well. I just used little amount on my cornrows and washed. According to CANTU; it removes heavy build-up, prevents breakage and great for natural & colored hair. Yes, it did remove heavy build-ups for my hair. I really can’t say if it prevents breakage as my hair was made in cornrows. I also don’t know if it is great for colored hair as i don’t wear a colored hair.

I watched some video’s on youtube about cantu shampoo & conditioner reviews and also read some blogs bout their reviews. Tbh, I wasn’t really impressed, i was scared & confused to decide on which to pick. I made a poll on INSTAGRAM, and shampoo won which i bought. Most people actually said it dries out the hair so bad, well, i think it does but not that so dry. I used the CANTU LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER right on my hair after it dried a little and extra virgin olive oil, my hair didn’t feel dry immediately till after 6-7 hours I did feel my hair was dry. Well, I will be back with a full review on the shampoo next week. Stay updated for that 💋


I bought this gel for #1,000. I just feel like I wasted money, I could have just added extra #1,000 to get the eco-styler gel. I was looking for a better gel for my edges, the Eco-styler gel in olive oil holds for like 3-4 hours which I wanted something thay would hold much longer. I stumbled upon this ENLIVEN gel, I picked the extra hold in 5 which i thought will be good.

Jeez, this gel is totally a waste of money. It doesn’t work at all, it doesn’t hold my hair only after application till like 10-15 mins. I don’t like the smell and consistency for any reason. Even the color pisses me off. It makes my hair extremely hard too after it wears off. I wouldn’t advice you to get this gel, except you’ve tried it and it works for you.

So beauties, Have you tried either the CANTU CLEANSING CREAM SHAMPOO or the CANTU HYDRATING CREAM CONDITIONER? How did your hair feel after using it? What’s your favourite shampoo and conditioner? Have you tried the ENLIVEN HAIR GEL? Which other hair gel do you all use? Will gladly join you in the comment section.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned. And please don’t forget to share my blog post 💋💋❤

Haleemah Al-sadiya 🌹

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Haleemah Al-sadiya is a natural hair and skincare blogger living and working in Lagos. She works a 9-5 job whilst building her passion about sharing her natural hair journey, skincare regimen and also her experience in the beauty industry.

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  1. I use to use Cantu when I first went natural and when I had relaxed hair I loved their hair spray lol all their stuff smells soooo good! I did end up finding something better so I just never looked back at Cantu products. But I think every natural rolls with Cantu at some point in their natural journey! loved the post!!

  2. I’ve been using OGX quenching coconut curls for like years now! They even have a set that’s infused with coconut oil, that moisturizes my hair sooo well! I’ve never tried creme of nature products but I would love to read a review once you try it out!! Here’s a link to my review of Coconut curls:

    1. Hey Obeythefro, I currently use some Cantu products for curling my hair. It smells good but leaves white patches on where the product sits on. I know OGX is good because I have read their reviews but the price is quite high. For my shampoo, I use Dudu Osun black soap and for my conditioner, the ORS replenishing conditioner and these products work well for me. Again natural hair grooming is expensive. Nice post Haleemah. Thanks for the review.

      1. I have used black soap for my shampoo as well! It really cleans it! I can’t do the Dudu soap cause the fragrance is a lot for my skin but it smells so good!! Yes ogx is pricey! Every time I go to Walmart I’m like LAWD! Haha! I’ll have to try the Ors replenishing conditioner!

  3. I use this Cantu shampoo. When I first started my natural hair journey, it was Cantu I went to as it’s popular. Will probably have to try others in the future. Just need to research.

    1. That’s nice. Hope you loved it?
      Cantu was the firsr product i staeted with too since it’s quite popular and great. Although, I’m changing my Cantu deep conditioner, but i will still use the leave in conditioner.
      Thank you ❤

      1. I do love it especially the smell but I have a feeling there’s something better out there that will work better for my ends

        1. That’s true. I’m in love with creme of nature coconut milk line. Try it out. I’m actually looking for this TGIN product to try, it’s scarce here in Nigeria. Heard lot of rave bout it

          1. I was told my hair type is 4C. Is it good on this type of hair?

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