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I’m here again with a product review. It’s my first time trying this product and I’m definitely sure some of you might have tried it out.

It’s a product from Shea Moisture, and it’s the almighty Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Leave-in Conditioner.


Shea Moisture JBCO Strengthen, Grow & Restore Leave-in Conditioner is a reparative leave in conditioner that softens and detangles jair while controlling frizz.

Formulated with JBCO and organic Shea butter to nourish, moisturize and support elasticity so hair resists breakage when detangling.

Conditioners provide a protective layer that improves the appearance of split ends.

▪ Peppermint stimulates the scalp for an invigorating experience.

▪ Organic Shea butter deeply moisturizes while conditioning hair and scalp.

▪ JBCO is loaded with reparative omegas that promote healthy hair growth.

No sulfates. No parabens. No phthalates. No paraffin. No gluten. No propylene glycol. No mineral oil. No synthetic fragrance. No PABA. No synthetic color. No DEA. No animal testing. Made is USA.

I bought this leave in conditioner from @bellz_nhcc on Instagram. Actually, I visited her store in surulere, Lagos. I got it for NGN 5,500.

This is my first time trying Shea Moisture’s product and I wished I had earlier.


Packaging– It comes in a white tube with a light yellow label. It has a nice and attractive package. Contains 453g/16 oz.

Consistency – it has a runny consistency, which I like. It’s not as thick as other conditioners. It is buttery, very lightweight. It’s not that creamy, I definitely wasn’t looking for something very creamy. It’s also non-greasy. You might want to be careful when opening it so as not to spill out.

Color & fragrance – it has a light brown/cream color. The smell is amazing. It has a strong vanilla fragrance.

Key Ingredient – JBCO, organic Shea butter, peppermint and keratin.

Other ingredients are written on the body of the tube below 👇

Now, let me tell you what this leave in conditioner did to my hair *hands popcorn & soda to everyone reading*

Firstly, I took out my braids which I made myself. I applied the leave in conditioner before taking it out and after taking it out, and my braid out felt so nice. I think it’s my most successful braid out. No other leave in conditioner made my hair this way 😍😍👇

Don’t let me fill up here with pictures 😆. Follow me on Instagram @theladylymarh and Snapchat @theladylymarh to view more pictures

Then I prepared for my washday on Monday ( last week), I tried a different salon (Moke beauty zone). I like the wah she makes hair and I’m looking forward to making my hair with her again. Her salon is at Ikorodu, Lagos for those around Ikorodu.

So, my hair was shampooed in twists and was conditioned after that, and deep conditioned too ( I will share a review of this deep conditioner soon), a towel was used to dry my hair a bit to control the water from dripping.

Finally, my Shea Moisture JBCO leave in conditioner was applied to my hair. I have a low to normal porosity hair type, so I just needed little quantity of product.

  • It was moisturizing, softening and smoothing to my hair.
  • It doesn’t leave any build up in hair. No flaking at all.
  • It gives a great slip and leaves the hair shining. Great hair definition.
  • It didn’t weigh my hair down at all.

I also love the fact that it is curly girl friendly, as my curls are gradually coming through. And contains organic and natural ingredients.

I made my hair in mini twists which I should wear for about 3-4 weeks.

Overall, this is my favorite leave in conditioner at the moment and I will definitely repurchase. It’s a 10/10 for me. It did perform up to expectations. I urge you all to try it out.

Have you tried the JBCO leave in conditioner? Or any Shea Moisture range? What’s your favourite hair leave in conditioner and what do you like most about it???

I’ll be in the comment section with you guys ❤

Stay blessed 🌸

Haleemah Al-sadiya 🌹


Haleemah Al-sadiya is a natural hair and skincare blogger living and working in Lagos. She works a 9-5 job whilst building her passion about sharing her natural hair journey, skincare regimen and also her experience in the beauty industry.

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  1. Nice writeup my favorite blogger

  2. Thank you love ❤❤❤
    They have lot of amazing products. I can’t wait to get my hands on all of them

  3. The two strand twist is my favorite hairstyle! Your hair looks so healthy. I’ve never tried the JBCO L-I-C, maybe I will give it a try.

  4. Thanks for this review. You have lovely hair . I couldn’t help but notice your skin too. It’s glowing girl?!! We would like to know which products you use. And I have to add that you’re so beautiful…

    1. You welcome dear.
      Thank you so much, Shea butter and carrot oil is wah i swear by for my skin. ❤❤❤

      1. You mean raw she’s butter or there a mix you buy? Oh wow! Will try out the carrot oil then. Do you use that at night or during the day? Doesn’t it cause sunburn ?

        1. Not the raw one. The brand I use is “Jimpo ori” made in Ilorin, Nigeria. I made to carrot oil myself. I don’t mix them together. I can decide to use one today and the other the next day or later. I’m always in during the sunny hours either at work or home, but it never caused sunburn to my skin. Plus I’ve been using that Shea butter brand for over 2 years now.

          1. Oh wow! That’s great then. And you don’t use any sunscreen lotion?

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