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Miss me? I’m so happy right now. I met some of my blog goals, actually I did surpass it. Last month, I had 750 plus view and I said to myself I was gonna make it a thousand this month. This month is yet to end and I already have more than 2 times my last month views 💃🏾💃🏾. I wouldn’t have made it this far without you All, yes, you reading this. My blog followers, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media readers; I love you guys so much.

Right now, I’m working towards getting a domain. I’m a bit stuck in between going premium on wordpress.com or self hosting with wordpress.org . If you have any advice for me, please drop them in the comment section or send a mail to me at alabyzharlymarh@gmail.com. Thank you.

Enough of the chit chat 😁, I’ve received comments and messages bout some requesting for pocket friendly products that are effective for natural hair. Some ask for the worth of some products I use and be like “is there a lesser one?” and all. I get that some don’t like spending much on products or are scared if it won’t work out for them. Well, the good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to get a great product. So I compiled a list of pocket friendly products that does work for natural hair, and all under NGN 5000. If you are a natural hair beginner, or someone that doesn’t like spending much on hair products, this post is definitely for you. Read thru with me 😎😁


  1. Dark and lovely au naturale moisture replenishing shampoo. Price ranges between NGN 1800 – 2500
  2. Cantu Cleansing shampoo, NGN 2500- 3000
  3. Alikay moisturizing black soap shampoo, NGN 4000 – 5000.


  1. V05 conditioner, NGN 1000 – 1800
  2. Tresemme Conditioner, NGN 3000- 4000.
  3. Aunt Jackie’s knot on my watch conditioner, NGN 2800 – 3000
  4. Creme of nature coconut milk conditioner, NGN 2000 – 2500
  5. Dark and lovely au naturale knot out conditioner, NGN 1800 – 2500.


  1. Aunt Jackie’s quench leave in conditioner, NGN 2800 – 3000.
  2. Alikay lemongrass leave in conditioner. NGN 4000
  3. Cantu leave in conditioner, NGN 3500 – 4000
  4. Kuza JBCO leave in conditioner, NGN 2500 – 3500.


  1. ORS replenishing conditioner, NGN 1200- 1800.
  2. Sunny isle jbco deep conditioner, NGN 4000 – 4500.
  3. Aunt Jackie’s coco repair deep conditioner, NGN 2800 – 3000.
  4. Cantu deep treatment masque, NGN 3500 – 4500.


  1. Cantu coconut curling cream, NGN 3500 – 4000.
  2. Aunt Jackie’s Curl la la, NGN 2800 – 3000.
  3. Aunt Jackie’s Curl boss coconut curling gelee, NGN 2800- 3000.
  4. Aunt Jackie’s don’t shrink flaxseed gel, NGN 2800 – 3000.
  5. Eco styler gel, NGN 1200- 4000.


  1. Aphogee keratin 2 minutes reconstructor; 8oz NGN 2800 – 3500, 16oz – NGN 4500 – 5000.

That’s all love. All these products are effective for natural hair and all under NGN 5000. You really don’t have to break the bank for more expensive products. But if you got the money and all, they are lot of high end products out there for you.

I hope you did enjoy this post 💋💋

Have you tried any products on this list? Any thoughts? Did I miss out any product? What’s your favourite drugstore products for natural hair? Don’t forget to leave your comments or thoughts down below in the comment section

xoxo 🌹🌸

Haleemah Al-sadiya 🌹


Haleemah Al-sadiya is a natural hair and skincare blogger living and working in Lagos. She works a 9-5 job whilst building her passion about sharing her natural hair journey, skincare regimen and also her experience in the beauty industry.

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  1. Wow nice post. I’ll definitely try these as I recently just cut my hair and I don’t know what to do with it. Thanks for sharing these.


  2. Which shop can I get aphogee protein treatment.have heard a lot good reviews about these product.

    1. Surulere. Check bellz_nhcc on Instagram

  3. In mainland Lagos

  4. They are all very good products, trust me they work well. But most at times I just settle for my own home made black soap mixed with essential oil shampoo.

  5. Most of the products listed I have used and I can say for a fact that they work wonders.

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