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There is a lot going on in the makeup world. Lot of new makeup products have been released since the beginning of this month. Your favourite makeup products ranging from Kylie cosmetics, morphe, KKW, Fenty Beauty and lot more.

Here, I combined a list of the top best new makeup products for you 🌹 and also a bit of review on them

1. FENTY BEAUTY DIAMOND BOMB ($38) – This is one of a kind diamond dusted highlighter that applies like a 3D glittering veil, delivering pure shoe stopping all over the face and body. Diamond bomb features a unique Kelly powder formulae that’s bouncy, cool to touch and melts into skin like butter 😍😍


2. FENTY BEAUTY DIAMOND MILK ($18) – A pearl finish version of the original gloss bomb. Diamond milk is a shimmery wash of pearl that’s like a dewy highlight on your lips. It is a translucent, slightly milky base with fine silver and white pearl. Texture is smooth, lightweight and light creamy with a non sticky consistency.


3. URBAN DECAY ELEMENT EYESHADOW PALETTE ($52) – This gorgeous element eyeshadow palette spans space and time with 19 mystical, never before seen shades in a celestial, ultra sleek compact. This palette is inspired by air, earth, fire and water- a constellation of unique colors orbit around Luna. The 19 new multidimensional pigments include bright mattes, holographic shimmers and molten metallic. I’m so in love with this palette 😍❤❤

4. MORPHE 35M BOSS MOOD EYESHADOW PALETTE ($24) – You all know MORPHE is one of the queen when it comes to shadow palettes. This palette is everything 😩. A 35 shade palette hasn’t been launched since the Jaclyn Hill vault collection which I will be reviwing soon. This palette consists of both matte and shimmer shades 😍. MORPHE is known for its incredible affordability and great quality and pigment.

5. KKW CHERRY BLOSSOM COLLECTION ($260) – One of our favorite mogul, Kim Kardashian West announced the latest collection of her Instagram page: the cherry blossom collection. This collection includes a 10-pan eyeshadow palette, 3 blushes, 8 lipsticks and 3 lipliners in shades of pretty pinks and berries ❤.

6. ZARON EYESHADOW PALETTE – Zaron is a popular Nigeria brand that I love so much. I’m really excited bout this shadows as they are on another level and so pigmented. This new eyeshadows come in 3 different palette ranging from EARTH, SMUDGED & SPLASH. Earth is a nude palette, smudged is a Smokey palette and splash contains vibrant colors. It’s pretty high quality, pigmented and extremely affordable. I will be reviwing these palettes soon.

[wpvideo HvAdopm6 data-temp-aztec-id=”4684d193-ba14-4865-b21f-6ec298cd06b2″]

7. KYLIE X JORDYN COLLECTION ($124) – Youngest billionaire and beauty mogul, Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods giving us best friend for life goalsss 😍.

This collection bundles includes

– KYLIE X JORDYN COLLECTION EYESHADOW PALETTE ($45) – This palette is a secret weapon to create the perfect Kylie and Jordyn eye. It consists of 12 pressed powders, matte and shimmer that can be Used together to recreate any look.

– KYLIE X JORDYN COLLECTION WOODS LIPSTICK ($17) – This is a smooth and creamy formulae that provides full coverage for an ultra pigmented lip. This lipstick is a matte warm deepened rose shade.

– KYLIE X JORDYN COLLECTION HIGH SHINE GLOSS ($16) – This high shine gloss comes in two shades; 23 Gloss & Partner in Crime gloss. 23 Gloss is a sheer bright gold glitter shade while Partner in Crime Gloss is a pinky nude shade. These ultra glossy, luminous gloss glides on the lips smoothly and evenly with added Shea butter leaving behind a radiant and moisturizing shine.

– KYLIE X JORDYN COLLECTION HIGHLIGHTER QUAD ($40) – This highlighter are silky-smooth, pigmented-packed with one stroke intensity. Each highlighter can be Used to create your perfect customised glow.

No new friends is a frosty pearl shade 😍

Inseparable is a pinky peach shade😍
Best life is a warm champagne shade and
Together is an icy lavender shade.

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  1. Such a great post the makeup world can be crazy with new releases all the time lol. I’m loving that morphe palette i probably don’t need it but those colours are so pretty.

  2. Oh yeah that one looks really cool aswell.

  3. omg I’m trying not to spend any more money on beauty products so I did NOT need this post right now haha! I really want to try more Fenty Beauty and how amazing does the new Kylie x Jordan range look!?

    Soph – x

  4. So tempted to purchase the Diamond Milk :O
    It’s not even as expensive as I thought it was going to be! <3

  5. Great post outlining the newest makeup product releases! The kylie x Jordyn collection looks so cool, i really love the vibe and the colour scheme! Those Fenty beauty glosses and that highlighter looks sooooo stunning! Im going to have to get my hands on one of them!

  6. I’ve never seen the Jordyn lipstick bit I think need to purchase now!

  7. beautiful pictures! I love makeup and I was thinking about trying the Fenty products, I haven’t yet, but you have inspired me to do so! 🙂

  8. YOUR BLOG IS SO BEAUTIFUL! Just stunning! I loved everything about this post! You’re so descriptive , your photography is on point. The whole blog is just so very vibrant and alluring. I totally enjoyed this post and this site! Great blog.

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