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Hey guys, After five whole days of balancing work and social calendars, the weekend gets to set in. Whoop, we all love weekends, yeah 😎. Mondays to Friday’s gives us little time to partake in our ideal/full beauty routine.

Working especially a white collar job in Lagos is extremely stressful considering transportation, traffic, being under payed, working extra time, lack of sleep and lot more.

I always look forward to weekends, especially Saturday’s to pamper myself; from hair to toe. Getting to feel refreshed and rejuvenating after 5 working days. Basically, my Sundays are for resting, seeing movies on my laptop, cooking healthy special dishes and all. My beauty routine covers taking care of my skin and natural hair and also eating healthy.

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Here is a list of my weekly beauty routine which is really essential for rejuvenating and reviving yourself and also getting a healthy skin; for you all hard-working men and women, struggling students, entrepreneurs and every one 💋

1. Cleansing and Exfoliating – You don’t wanna miss this every weekend. I use Isha beauty black soap which contains raw black soap, honey and essential oils to cleanse my face and body, it makes my skin really soft. I will be reviewing it in one of my next post. Exfoliating with my homemade white sugar and pure coconut oil which scrubs away dead cells and leaves my face soft and supple.

Sugar and coconut oil scrub
Sugar and coconut oil scrub

2. A mini Pedicure – Going to the spa/salon to get a pedicure can be fun and exciting, but let’s not forget this is 2018 – the goal is to save more money 😂. Yes, you can set up a pedicure yourself with just little ingredient in your kitchen by soaking your feet in a tub of warm water and Epsom salt or normal salt. Scrub well and rinse. Use olive oil on your feets to moisturize.

3. Prepoo & Washing of Natural hair – One of the things that gives me joy. I wash my hair once or twice a month with shampoo. A prepoo is always necessary, I use a mixture of coconut and olive oil on my hair to prepoo and leave for bout 30 mins and wash with my Cantu shampoo and Creme of nature coconut milk conditioner.

4. Deep conditioning & Green tea rinse – Heat, pollution, bad maintenance and more affects your hair growth. By deep conditioning, you are enhancing the elasticity of your hair, making it stronger and keeping it moisturized. This time, I used MOKE ORGANICS and a lil of Hair mayonnaise to deep conditioner my hair for almost and hour. I was doing my facials, sipping green tea during this period. Guess what, my hair felt really soft, shiny and pretty moisturized, I will be reviewing moke organics deep conditioner in my next post. After rinsing out with lukewarm water, I did a final rinse with green tea and dried with my white cotton t-shirt.

5. Facial Mask – Another of my fave weekly routine. How bout removing those toxins and getting rid of blackheads and reduce large pores on your face and body??? Yeah, right? Trust me, Alikay mud mask got you on this. While waiting for 15-20 mins for my mask to dry, I’m prolly sipping green tea as a green tea addict and seeing a movie or scrolling thru my phone.

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6. Shaving – Yea, Time to get rid of those unwanted hair on your legs, bikini lines, under arm and private parts. I shave once in 2 to 3 weeks cos I’m a bit hairy. Trim your eye brows. I’ve been trying to switch from shaving cream to wax, but I’m yet to find a good Wax. If you have any good wax product, pls share with me.

7. Manicure – I make sure to always trim my finger nails with a pair of nail scissors, file it and either add nail polish or henna. Just to keep it neat.

8. Protective Style – After washing and deep conditioning, I dry my hair to like 60% dry. Dividing my hair into 6 sections, I braid each section into 3 using the L.O.C method. I apply JBCO after braiding all sections and Shea butter to the ends to seal it.

9. Moisturize – You do not want to spend your next week especially Monday looking dull with lack of moisture. Try to get lot of moisture during weekends. Aloe Vera gel is a natural moisturizer. There are also other great products like Cetaphil, Palmers etc.

10. Drink lot of water and take vitamins supplements.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this 💋

Do you have a weekly beauty routine? How do you pamper your self during weekends??? Do share your thoughts with me in the comment section below 👇

xoxo ❤

Haleemah Al-sadiya 🌹


Haleemah Al-sadiya is a natural hair and skincare blogger living and working in Lagos. She works a 9-5 job whilst building her passion about sharing her natural hair journey, skincare regimen and also her experience in the beauty industry.

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  1. Your skin is absolutely perfect!!! xo J

  2. Love the tips! I’m a guy so our grooming routine is not as extensive in my opinion but I’ve been putting more effort into my grooming recently. At the moment I shampoo and condition my hair twice a week, shave every 3-4 weeks, floss every time I brush and comb regularly. I want to start exfoliating my skin but I haven’t found the right gel or cream yet. Any suggestions? I’m from the UK by the way.

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures

  3. I love knowing what others do in their beauty routines so this was a fun read 🙂 I especially liked your hair routine as I’m working to make mine more healthy as well..I hope you’ll do more like these:)

  4. I’m all about grooming. Love these tips, salons and spas can be a bit expensive.

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