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Happy New month from me, this month shall be a greater blessing for us all.

We are already half way this year, that’s so fast. I’m going to share my product empties with you all. It is not much of a list, I hardly get to finish my natural hair product before trying another brand, so I have less natural hair products. Also, same goes to my makeup product, I hardly ever finish them and they end up being expired so I throw them away. I like trying out different brands till I get the perfect one for me. I have like different face powders and foundations and still think I need to try out something high end. I can actually call myself a product junkie.


1. SEBAMED CLEAR FACE DEEP CLEANSING TONER– This facial cleanser deeply cleanses the skin, remove excess sebum, oil & dirt particles. Contains panthenol which supports the regeneration of the skin. Sebamed products are mild on the skin, I love their products due to the fact that it has an acidic pH value of 5.5 which is the pH of a healthy skin. A lil bit pricey for the quantity. It works great on all skin type. I don’t mind getting this toner again but I love my RDL babyface toner so much.

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2. SEBAMED CLEAR FACE CLEANSING BAR – this also cleanse deeply and gently into pores. Soap and alkali free. It doesn’t lather much like other bar. I used a bar for a month, not bad. The soap costs 2000. It’s really nice, you should try it out.

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3. CLEAR & CLEAN BLACKHEAD CLEARING CLEANSER – I didn’t buy this myself, a good old friend gifted me. But tbh, I don’t know if I’m the only one or so but I feel clear & clean products are overrated. I’ve tried 2 products from them, and I’m so not happy with the reviews. Tho, when I used this cleanser, my face was okay. I mean no blackheads and all, I didn’t notice anything special bout this cleanser. I was looking for a container to mix my oils, so I emptied the entire contents on the cleanser and used it for my oils instead of it occupying space 🤣🤣 . That was a bit evil kinda. I’m definitely not gonna buy this.

4. CANTU SHEA BUTTER DEEP TREATMENT MASQUE – Cantu is such an affordable product for naturalista’s. This masque claims to penetrate deep into the hair shaft for intense treatment to repair and replenish over processed and over damaged hair and lot more… Well, it seems this didn’t work out for me. I had lot of hair breakage. It only made my hair feel soft and moisturizing and smell so good. But I ain’t buying this again. It cost me 4,800 then which was expensive cos I got it from a store that inflates price but I didn’t know.

5. ECO STYLER GEL OLIVE OIL – definitely, all natural hair sisters have once swore against this product at a point. The only reason I continued with this product is the fact that it doesn’t leave my edges oily unlike ‘ORS’ , it keeps my edges sleek for about 4-5 hours. I bought a bigger size again, but I won’t be be purchasing since the “eco styler gel harmful news came thru”. I might end up abandoning the one u have and swap to Aunt Jackie’s flaxseed gel or curl boss.

6. V05 MOISTURE MILK CONDITIONER – a very popular drugstore natural hair conditioner. I used 2 different lines of this conditioner. I was really indifferent bout this conditioner, tbh, I was actually managing it till I got more cash then for a better product. It wasn’t detangling my hair at all, wasn’t good for co-washing for my hair too. I changed to ORS replenishing conditioner and Creme of nature coconut milk conditioner. Definitely, I’m not gonna use this again.

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7. MARYKAY TIME WISE MATTE FOUNDATION – I never had any problem with this foundation. It’s really great and does up to the product claims. I used the shade Bronze 3 then. I miss this foundation, I think I might repurchase it again. In fact, I had to cut the tube into two and scrape out every bit of foundation in it before I threw it away 😢🤣🤣😂. If not because I want to try either Milani or Maybelline foundation, I would have bought this again.

So that’s my product empties so far.

What’s your thought on this post??? Ever tried any product on this list? Share your product empties with me in the comment section below ❤

Xoxo ❣❣

Haleemah Al-sadiya 🌹

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  1. Don’t think I can get a lot of these in the UK 🙁 Loving the look of the cleanser though x thanks for sharing x

    1. You should be able to get few of them, probably at a drugstore shop.
      Thank you for reading ❤

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