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It’s been a while I did post bout a make up look on myself. I’ve been wearing less makeup these days. Gosh, I miss those university days where I just wake up, skip classes, exercise, eat healthy and start applying makeup onto my face and take lot of picturesss without going nowhere and wipe them off after taking nothing less than 50 pictures. And end up posting one or two on the gram 🤣😂😂😁. Life was stress free to me then. After taking pictures, watch Movies, eat and sleep. Only reason I left my hostel was either to eat, take pictures with friends or test/exam.

Oh, less I forget, I own a domain now 💃🏾💃🏾. I’m now a WordPress Premium user. No more and I can monetize on my blog but still don’t have access to some plugins and others ads. I’m planning on moving to the self hosted WordPress ( hopefully soon. I wanted to learn bout few things using WordPress premium before moving to self hosted WordPress.

Well, I had a wedding to attend ; rather I attended a wedding yesterday, and I really did look good and decided to post bout my makeup look here. I hope you guys love it. Details of all products I used are included too.

I just went with the flow and was just applying products to my face. I’m not a fan of contouring, so I skipped that part. And I really don’t like lot of concealer applied to my face. I didn’t want something so loud, so I used just few products 😁😁



  • Davis eyebrow pencil in 003
  • Zaron volumizing mascara in “Black Lash”
  • Zaron liquid concealer in “Medium”


  • Zaron trio eyeshadow in “Glam N Tan”
  • The Jaclyn Hill palette × MORPHE
  • Zaron liquid liner
  • Zaron volumizing mascara in “Black Lash”
  • Local Kajal


  • Ponds oil control vanishing cream as Primer
  • Mary Kay Timewise Matte Foundation in “Bronze 1”
  • Zaron Mattifying Powder in “ZZ 20”
  • Sacha Butter cup Setting powder
  • Glamierre Rainbow your eyes palette as blush
  • Jaclyn Hill palette X MORPHE eyeshadow as highlighter
  • Zaron Face definer XD palette in “PZ05” as highlighter
  • Ushas Baked Blush as Bronzer
  • Borrowed setting spray since I forgot mine 😊


  • Davis eyepencil as lip liner “003”
  • Huda Beauty liquid matte in “Cheerleader”


  • Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman brush set


  • By my Lovely Manager @Anarielstitches on Instagram


  • By my Lovely makeup/gélé/hair stylist Boss @yomikears on Instagram ❤

FULL MAKEUP by myself


  • My Samsung Galaxy S7 and
  • Borrowed Samsung Galaxy S7 edge from my Lovely friend 😊

Okurrrr, that’s all guys. Want more pictures?? Follow my social media pages 👇

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Watchu think bout this post? Do you love my simple makeup? Would you rock this Gélé to a wedding? Do you all want more post bout makeup looks???

Will join you all in the comment section 💋💋💋


Haleemah Al-sadiya 🌹

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Haleemah Al-sadiya is a natural hair and skincare blogger living and working in Lagos. She works a 9-5 job whilst building her passion about sharing her natural hair journey, skincare regimen and also her experience in the beauty industry.

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  1. Bae you are the best*kisses* I have a wedding to attend, being thinking of what is missing in my make up bag( what to buy to look wow) I read through this
    post and Viola! I have a list of what’s missing. I love you Alabi.

  2. You did justice to that attire with your makeup. Thumbs up.

  3. Lovely outfit….. And a nice makeup to compliment it. Thumbs up bae

  4. Just wanted to say you look gorgeous babe! Hope the wedding was brilliant and you danced the night away

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