Hello beauties, how y’all doing? Trust you all doing fine. I’m reviewing HUDA BEAUTY LIQUID MATTE LIPSTICK IN CHEERLEADER.

All ladies love a moisturizing and long-lasting matte lipstick, Huda beauty got you all on this. I prefer this to Kylie Lip kit in “Mary Jo K” (unfortunately, someone stole it 😢). I was so excited when I bought this lipstick. I’ve watched couple of YouTube beauty bloggers hyping this lipstick, and I knew i just have to get this.


Introducing Huda Beauty’s latest lip beautifier: the Liquid Matte, an unrivaled take on the liquid lipstick. The tried and true comfort-wear formula is infused with an exclusive complex to help maintain the lips’ hydration. The lightweight formula glides on a thin coat of color that intensifies as it sets to a matte, transfer-free finish with amazing staying power. You might even forget you’re wearing anything on your lips at all! Color appearance may vary based on skin tone once set.


I bought mine at a beauty store and she didn’t have the single pack. So i had to pick from the row like the picture above. This lipstick is totally worth the price and everything. Huda Beauty liquid matte lipstick in ‘Cheerleader’ is a rich, true red with a completely matte finish. Unlike other lipsticks, this one requires only a single coat to provide full coverage. The lipstick comes housed in a plastic, semi-opaque tube with a black top.These liquid lipsticks smell like chocolate, and I love that they do, because it makes applying them all the more enjoyable! This is my favorite lipstick now.

It is really matte and moisturizing. It has a high intensity and it’s long-lasting. You wouldn’t even feel like you are putting on a lippie. I wore this for 7 hours plus and it didn’t flake, crack or smear at all till I had burger which it did smear a little, it wasn’t obvious so I didn’t need a touch up. It lasts longer than Kylie Lip Kits and MAC collection. It is highly comfortable compared to others. Well, I forgot to take a personal selfie, only took full pictures while wearing the liptstick 👇👇

I will rate this a 10/10. I’m really hoping to buy other shades of Huda beauty lipsticks. But it’s kinda expensive compared to MAC collection. I want all shades in the picture below except video star, you can’t catch me putting on a pink lipstick.

I hope you all enjoyed this review 💋

Watchu think about Huda beauty lipsticks? Are they worth the price? Have you tried any Huda beauty lipsticks? Or any Huda beauty products? What will be your favorite shade if you were to own one or two shades of their lipsticks? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Much love ❤❤❤


Haleemah Al-sadiya is a natural hair and skincare blogger living and working in Lagos. She works a 9-5 job whilst building her passion about sharing her natural hair journey, skincare regimen and also her experience in the beauty industry.

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  1. Great review. I’ll cop one soon.

  2. Great review. Where can I get this in Nigeria? I’m a suckered for great lipsticks!

  3. Great review! You look gorgeous x

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