Hello natural sisters in the house, and the transitioning sisters. I’m so happy right now. I hope you all find Happiness and peace! I’m so happy that I’m gassing myself up, so much happiness after a long long while… and it’s all because of my hair 😀

There are a lot of ups & downs when it comes to keeping natural hair, it can be so annoying & stressful sometimes, but I believe once you find out what works right for you, then It ain’t a big deal anymore. As long as my hair is healthy; trust me, I can deal with any fucking thing 😂.

To cut the story short, the only deep conditioner I’ve ever used in my entire life throughout my #naturalhairjourney is the Cantu Deep Conditioner. I’m so loyal to Cantu Products. Well, all of a sudden, my deep conditioner finished o, and it’s kinda scarce, plus i didn’t have money to buy another one. So I started thinking of how i will deep condition my hair and I came up with this Mayonnaise Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment. I think i will start making some natural hair products and start distributing sef. I hardly think of DIY’s b’cos I’m a product junkie. But this Mayonnaise Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment is the best diy deep conditioner for all 4c type of hair according to me. Y’all need to try this out. Like my hair is so shiny, feels soft and smooth. I love this.

Mayonnaise contains eggs, so i see no reason why i should add extra eggs. Mayonnaise also contains some healthy hair ingredients such as lemon, vinegar and soybean oil; which contains fatty acids and vitamins that can boost shine and act to seal in moisture. And yes, it really works.

How to make mayonnaise deep conditioner.


  • 4-5 tablespoon of mayonnaise
  • 2 tablespoon of raw honey
  • 2 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.
  1. Mix all ingredients in a container.
  2. Wash your hair with your favorite shampoo and dry excess water with a cotton t-shirt or towel.
  3. To the damp hair, Apply the mayonnaise deep conditioner to your hair in sections. Focus more on the ends and edges very well.
  4. Cover hair with Shower cap. And leave for about 30-40 mins.
  5. Cleanse with shampoo again, then condition if you want to.
  6. Use a clean cotton T-shirt or towel to dry off excess water from the hair.

So simple, right? Unfortunately, I didn’t take any picture, only video after i took out my protective style. Watch it below. This hair treatment is recommended once in a month.

The next day after prepooing my hair overnight for wash day, my hair still feels awesome 😍

Thank you for stopping by 💋💋

Have you tried any mayonnaise deep conditioning hair treatment? How did it work for you? What do you use for your diy deep conditioner? Share with me below 💋

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Haleemah Al-sadiya is a natural hair and skincare blogger living and working in Lagos. She works a 9-5 job whilst building her passion about sharing her natural hair journey, skincare regimen and also her experience in the beauty industry.

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