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I have a skeleton in my cupboard and I’m gonna let it out to you all. Have any idea guys??? Naaa, I doubt it. Keep reading and don’t miss out any line 😆

Y’all know how much I love and cherish my skin and having a skincare routine. If you know me personally, you know I will do anything for my skin 😀😊; i ask my friends everyday if there is a change in my skin, any slight reaction or spot and I’m already at the pharmacy or hospital. It is that serious 😂. I just really put in lot of effort to take care of my skin.

The secret I haven’t told you all is that my skin isn’t always that flawless and perfect all the times. Yup, I said that. Some people see me physically and start raving bout how my skin is fresh and all, even on social media but most of you don’t know the struggle i go through.

I have a skin disorder medically known as “IRRITANT CONTACT DERMATITIS”. It isn’t a skin disease, 70% of you might know is as rash or rashes. So don’t freak out. I really dislike my skin when this happens. So, talking bout ” Irritant contact Dermatitis”.

DERMATITIS is the inflammation of the skin. It is also called rash, where by the skin gets red and tender and can be itching. It could be caused by an allergy or because the protective layer of the skin is damaged.

“IRRITANT CONTACT DERMATITIS” is a type of contact dermatitis that develops when the skin comes in contact with an irritating substance, in which the skin is injured by friction, stress or environmental factors such as cold, over exposure to water, chemicals; acid, alkali, detergents, fragrance (soap, shampoo, lotion).

Symptoms includes;

  • Red rash or bumps limited to the exposed area
  • Burning, stinging or itching. Some cases can be severe.
  • Dry and red patches.

My face was so itchy, I tried not to itch that much, this period was so annoying and uncomfortable. The funniest thing is I’m still not sure either it’s detergent ‘cos I don’t stick to a particular brand or over exposure to water as I have a really sensitive skin and react a lot to water especially while changing environment . The first time i really took notice of it was last year in ogun state , i had to visit the hospital and pharmacy to know what’s wrong and treatments. I was enlightened bout it by the pharmacy. This is the third time it’s happening within a year.


Doctor’s usually recommend a prescription of corticosteroid cream (hydrocortisone) which reduces the inflammation and heal the irritation of the skin skin and an oral antihistamine to relieve severe itching. Irritant contact dermatitis reaction can happen few hours after the contact and takes about 7-14 days to go with treatment. I was given “HYDROCORTISONE CREAM”, ANTIHISTAMINES (XYZAL) & PREDNISOLONE” from the pharmacy which worked fine for my skin. Tho I only used one tablet of prednisolone due to too much steriods and their side effects. Below are several ways to manage dermatitis;

  1. Using anti-inflammatory and anti-itch products like hydrocortisone cream and calamine lotion.
  2. By applying cool & wet compress to soothe skin.
  3. Avoid rubbing & scratching as it worsens it.
  4. Taking a comfortably warm bathe. You can add oats to yout bathing water as oats contains cleansing properties.
  5. Wear cotton clothes.
  6. Choose mild, unscented laundry detergent.
  7. Using soap and shampoos with mild pH.
  8. Moisturize your skin. Lack of moisture could lead to irritant contact dermatitis


  1. By applying corticosteroid creams (hydrocortisone)
  2. Phototherapy
  3. Calcineurin Inhibitors

I started seeing visible results when using hydrocortisone cream from the third day, pictures are included below.

Some doctors might tell you to use ketoconazole instead of hydrocortisone, as ketoconazole works faster but can be harsh on skin, some might lighten the skin and cause some serious side effects later in future due to too much use. Meanwhile, hydrocortisone is mild on skin, the absorption of it into the bloodstream is also minimal.

INDICATIONS OF HYDROCORTISONE CREAM includes; inflammatory skin disorders such as

  • Contact dermatitis
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Seborrhoeal dermatitis
  • Intertrigo
  • Neurodermatitis
  • Psoriasis


  • Hydrocortisone cream is to be rubbed in the affected area of the skin after cleansing- twice daily. And treatment should be continued a few days after the disappearance of symptoms in order to assure complete eradication of disoreder.
  • Antihistamines should be used once a day. And stopped when symptoms diminish.
  • Oral Steroid drugs such as prednisolone should also be used once a day.

I hope you all enjoyed this post since you know few secrets now 😆

Haleemah Al-sadiya 🌹

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N.B: These treatments help my skin and works for me. Note that I’m not a dermatologist yet, or skin consultant. And all this was administered to me by certified doctors and pharmacists, and it helped my skin. So, do not try anything new without consulting to a certified dermatologist or doctor first. All facts & information posted on my blog are based on my own opinions and what I’ve tested over time. Thank you 💋💋

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Haleemah Al-sadiya is a natural hair and skincare blogger living and working in Lagos. She works a 9-5 job whilst building her passion about sharing her natural hair journey, skincare regimen and also her experience in the beauty industry.

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  1. I think my friend has this too.
    I’ll let him know about it

  2. OMG I also have dermatitis on my face…NOT nice but manageable. Currently on treatment also.

    1. I know it is annoying. Do you also uss the same treatment? Please share ❤

      1. Recently (last week) saw a Dermatologist because it was baaaaaad. Gave me Mylocort cream to apply in the morning and Protopic to apply at night, says he’s weaning me off the stronger steroid my GP had given me (Advantan Cream). Also taking BE-Tab Prednisone tablets. I just want it to go away. My skin is flawless without it.

        1. Mylocort is a hydrocortisone cream. I also use prednisone (prednisolone by brand) tablets. In a week time, our flawless skin will be back.
          Thank you for sharing ❤❤

          1. Yeah the doctor did say, the old cream was apparently strong for my face. I can’t wait hahaha!

  3. Does the cream work for pimples too?

    1. I doubt it. It’s indicated for dermatitis

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