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Hello beauties,

Whew, It’s almost a month since my last blog post and I must apologize for going off without a notice. Couple of weeks ago, I struggled with my physical health and thank God I feel much much better. I also took the courage to move my blog to a self hosted domain. I’m not sure if it was a great move but yeah, I did it already 😄

Sitting long hours in the office, busy week at work, lot of paperwork’s, meetings, having to get home to make dinner, social media, skipping meals, cancelling on our exercise or daily routine, overworking ourselves and lot more is so tiring and boring. There’s a lot going on in the world and to be honest it’s draining and triggering. We all need to try to stay sane and make room for ourselves as an individual.

Personal self care is very crucial to our physical, mental, spiritual, emotions and social lives; not because it’s only luxurious. But it’s creates a healthy work life balance, reduces stress, provides a better physical health and maintains a healthy relationship with ourselves.

Shopping skincare products and getting to apply them on my skin is one of my favorites self care way. Have a look at my recent shopped skincare products as you read through 💋💋

SOME BY MI AHA BHA PHA 30 DAY MIRACLE TONER. – I haven’t used a product containing PHA despite reading and seeing reviews on it. This miracle toner was the perfect choice to buy as it contains not only AHA and BHA but PHA. I’ve been using this miracle toner for about three weeks and I’m definitely seeing miracle in my facial skin complexion. I’ll definitely write a full review on this.

KLAIRS FRESHLY JUICED VITAMIN E MASK – This was gifted this in a sample size before I bought mine and I can say this is one hell of a moisturizer. The key ingredients of this mask includes Vitamin E, Adenosine and Niacinamide (Vit. B3). It’s a great antioxidant and deep moisturizing. 

KLAIRS MIDNIGHT BLUE CALMING SHEET MASK – Klairs mask itself is made from bamboo charcoal to draw out impurities from pores. I haven’t used a black colored sheet mask, this must be great. I can’t wait to try it out 

SOME BY MI SNAIL TRUECICA MIRACLE REPAIR LOW PH GEL CLEANSER – There’s something about COSRX and SOME BY MI skincare brands as they have similar product names. This cleanser contains TrueCica which includes black  snail components that strengthens skin barrier. The ingredients list is quite a lot and it has me wondering why.

COSRX ALOE SOOTHING SUN CREAM SPF 50+ PA+++ – This is my second purchase. COSRX sunscreen is formulated with Aloe Vera leaf extract which protects the skin from sun rays.

TIAM VITA B3 SOURCE – The review on this product is definitely worth me buying. This serum targets uneven skin tone and works by lighten skin and dark spots. It contains 10% Niacinamide and 2% Arbutin. 

THE SAEM PURE NATURAL SMAIL MASK SHEET – I was gifted this by my favorite Korean skincare store @shopmodavracha. Sheet masks are quite luxurious and this contains snail 🐌. It must be really great.

WISHTREND NATURAL VITAMIN 21.5% ENHANCING SHEET MASK – An antioxidant mask containing 21.5% natural vitamin complex extracted from all natural Hippophae Rhamnoides water & Green tea water. This mask improves skin complexion. This is my second purchase and this mask is heavenly.

COSRX ACNE PIMPLE MASTER PATCH – One of COSRX best selling product. This pimple patch makes those pimples or zit disappear overnight.

KLAIRS RICH MOIST SOOTHING SERUM – I used this in a 3ml sample size, gifted by @shopmodavracha. I really did make use of every tiny drop in it. I will be adding this to my wishlist for 2021.

KLAIRS SUPPLE PREPARATION TONER -Using both scented and unscented toners, I can fully say these toners improves the effectiveness of the entire skin regime, non irritating and moisturizing.

KLAIRS SOFT AIRY UV ESSENCE SPF50+ PA++++ – This sunscreen is creamy, lightweight and skin friendly. 

LANEIGE CREAM SKIN REFINER – Also gifted to me by @shopmodavracha in a 15ml sample size. I wasn’t so sure of what it does so I had to google it out. This is a cream that melts into a skin refiner, it is an opaque cream-water type toner that hydrated the skin. I can’t wait to try this out. 

That all I recently shopped 💃🏻💅

I hope you all did enjoy this?

What’s in your recent skincare shopping bag?? What’s skincare product can’t you live without? Have you tried any product on this list??? I’ll be in the comments 

xoxo 😘 

Haleemah Al-Sadiya 🌸

Haleemah Al-Sadiya

Haleemah Al-sadiya is a natural hair and skincare blogger living and working in Lagos. She works a 9-5 job whilst building her passion about sharing her natural hair journey, skincare regimen and also her experience in the beauty industry.

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