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A lot of guys have been questioning me often “if I run a ladies beauty blog?” And I’m like NO. Some have been asking bout blog posts specifically for Men. Even when I share posts on social media to guys, I get some replies like “I don’t need this”, “it’s for ladies” and blah blah blah. So I’m dedicating this blog post to our lovely men out there. I will try and make a blog post specifically for Men once a month. So, you all better grab your cup of coffee and snackkk while reading. And ladies, please do share my post with your boyfriends, lovers, daddies, uncles, sugar daddies, siblings and every one 😂😂

A lot of men hardly take care of their hair, some feel it’s a ladies thing or they don’t have time or one lame reason. Y’all ought to take care of your hair often, regardless of your hair style (afro, punk, low cut etc.)

Here are eight (8) tips for grooming your hair:

1. Trim your facial hair: your facial hair includes your mustache & beards. Trim your beards shorter on your neck and cheeks and keep the hair longer on your chin depending on how you want it. Maintain it by trimming at least once a week and brush often.

2. Trim your eyebrows: It doesn’t have to be well defined like the ladies. Trim excess & bushy hairs with scissors. You can also wax your brows and pluck them out with tweezers.
3. Remove Nose & Ear hairs: I actually hate seeing hair sticking out of someone’s nose or ear. You can remove this hairs either by waxing, tweezing or using a nose & ear scissors.
4. Trim your neck hair: You have to keep the hairs on the back of your neck under control for a well maintained look. Lot of guys do not pay attention to this area because it’s not the first thing they see when they look into the mirror. Talk to your barber to touch-up this part during regular visits. Keep your neckline with less stray hair.

5. Use The Right Tools: Invest in buying quality tools. From clippers, scissors, tweezers, electric razor to every tool you own.
6. Have a Routine: Depending on the growth and style of your hair, you might visit the saloon once a week, once in 2 weeks, twice a month etc. Stick to a routine, weekly or bi-weekly. Become regular at your barber. Trim excess hair, maintain and keep a healthy hair. This is important. Develop a simple routine that is quick to style your hair daily.

7. Know What Works For You- Invest in quantity and long-lasting products that are effective for you. Do not buy products because of the hype or certain YouTube people. Check out the reviews first.
8. Use Hair Spray- There are good and quality hair sprays for men in beauty stores. If you like, you can simply make a DIY simply by mixing water, your favourite conditioner and oils in a spray bottle.

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