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In one of my posts, I’ve talked ’bout Zaron cosmetic products which is a Nigerian brand and really nice for black skin. I remember making a review on the Zaron healthy glow foundation here. So I’m going to give y’all few details about 5 favourite product I own from Zaron cosmetic brand. You might want to grab a pack of popcorn and soft drink 😂😅

  1. ZARON HEALTHY GLOW FOUNDATION. This ultra matte foundation blends in smoothly and guarantees a beautiful matte finish. You are sure of an even skin tone and even more with SPF30 that protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. For more review on this foundation, check here.
  2. ZARON MATTIFYING POWDER IN ZZ20 & ZZ65. I have this mattifying powder in 2 shades for no reason 😂. I’ve been using this product for over a year now and I must say, I’m impressed. I’ve used it with and without foundation and the finish is amazing. Very smooth and natural. It’s one of their best products to me. I think i prefer the old container than the new one. This is the only Nigeria brand I’ve ever used and will definitely purchase again.
  3. ZARON PERFECT FINISH SETTING SPRAY. It’s actually nice and has a smell similar to that of rose water. It says on the bottle that it can also be used as a refresher any time of the day. I do that sometimes and it feels so good especially if its a hot day. Tbh, I don’t know why setting sprays are important during make-up. I had some money i wasn’t using and i just decided to buy it, so i can say i also use a setting spray 😅. But for real, why can’t i put distilled water in a spray bottle and use as a setting spray? Like what’s the difference? 😂😂😂
  4. ZARON TRIO EYESHADOW IN GLAM N TAN. This is a mini palette containing 3 shadows. 2 shimmer shades and 1 matte shade. There’s a champagne coloured shimmer shade, a taupey purple shimmer shade, and a deep dark brownish purple matte shade. I just love this palette because it has neutral shades and can be used for a simple makeover everyday.
  5. ZARON EYEBROW DEFINER.This easy to use eyebrow kit is perfect for creating fuller, more defined and long lasting eyebrows with gel and powder formulas that can be used alone or together. Comes with two double-sided brushes for easy use. I hardly use the highlight and defining powder, just the defining gel which i use alongside my davis eye pencil in 003.

Have you tried any product listed here? What was your experience like? What other Zaron products have you used before? Share with me in the comments section.

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