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We ladies love make-up. No matter how simple or basic you are, you will use powders either compact or translucent and lip glosses. Investing in good quality & well matched shades are really important when shopping for make-up. Some people invest in tons of cosmetics as a product junkie and some minimalist don’t because they are looking for a make-up routine or products to swear by or something. Ensure your make-up essentials are never BASIC. You really don’t have to break to bank to get high quality. There are some affordable good products that are inexpensive.

Well, below are 5 essential must have make-up products you need in your cosmetics bag.

1. PRIMERS: Primers are necessities. It is really important to find a primer that is suited to your skin type; either oily, dry, combination or acne-prone. There is definitely a primer out there that will suit your skin type. Primers works as a base for your skin. It improves longetivity of makeup & balance out your skin. Primers with SPF add as bonus to protect the face from Sun’s harmful rays.

2. FOUNDATIONS & CONCEALER: Foundations are makeup essential for everyone. It evens out your skintone and gives you a flawless complexion. It covers flaws, hide fine lines, wrinkles & blemishes. Also improves facial appearance. Foundations with SPF protects the skin from pollution, sun and balance oily/dry skin. It protect against UVA/UVB rays.

CONCEALER- it is also important to own this product as this cover up blemishes & under eye area. It is a color corrector used to cover dark circles, age spots, large pores, acne and other blemishes. It is similar to foundation but quite thicker and blend imperfection into skintone. It also highlights certain areas of the face to give an elaborate makeover.

3. POWDERS- They are different types of powders ranging from compact, translucent, loosed, finishing, mineral to setting powders. Powders are one of the most important products for a brighter face. It gives an even look to the skin along with foundation/ concealer. It reduces the oiliness of the skin & patches. It’s not jusr possible for you to have a full makeover without using face powders as they enhance beauty & reduce sweat production.

4. MASCARA- This is used to enhance the eyelashes. They darken, lengthen, curl, thicken and define the eyelashes. They give the lashes fuller effect. For fuller effect, apply it by coating twice or more over your lashes.

5. LIPGLOSS/LIPSTICK/LIPSTAIN- Lipglosses gives lips a glossy lustre and adds subtle color to the lips. They are designed to change the appearance of the texture of the lips. They can be moisturizing, glittery, opalescent or metallic. They also enhance fullness of the lips. LIPSTICKS/LIPSTAINS– this changes the color of the lips and have high pigments. They can be either solid or liquid, matte or creamy. Lipstains stay longer than lipsticks.

Ladies, What are your five essential must have makeup products??? Did you enjoy this post? Share your thoughts with me in the comment section below ❤

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  1. Mine are Primer, eye brow pencil/kit, concealer, mascara and powder

  2. For me, I mostly do Foundation, Eye liner, mascara, powder and lip gloss/stick. My not basic days involve Foundation, Concealer, Brow pencil, setting powder and the rest!

  3. For me, it is foundation, eye liner, mascara, powder and lip balm/stick.

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