Hello beauties…..

I missed you all, I’m sure y’all did too 🙋. I disappeared for couple of days, I needed a break before I break down 😂😂.

I will be lying if I said I am an organised blogger and that my posts are always scheduled well in advance because I know exactly what I am going to post and that I have a dedicated time and space to write. I write most times on Saturdays, because that’s the only time I’m free and less stressed and that is probably the only blogging routine that I have. With planning, photography, photo editing, writing and promoting a blog post, I’ve learnt to lean hard on technology to organize myself so that I can run a blog in the limited time I have.

There are lot of amazing apps available these days to make blogging easier. Whether it has to do with making your posts SEO-friendly or helping you save time as a blogger, the options are endless. It can; however, become overwhelming, when you don’t know which tools would be best suited for your needs. I will be sharing with you blogging apps that have helped me tremendously in becoming a better blogger and that I believe are essential for every blogger!


What’s a blogger without using Pinterest? Most people really under rate this app. Pinterest is a search engine like Google. It is such a powerful tool for blogging. Pinterest allows you to access and find anything and everything you need. Most of my blog views come from Pinterest, about 40-50%. Unlike Instagram & Twitter where people see your post once and minutes later, it gets forgotten between millions of post. Pinterest makes sure your post is always being seen by people searching for it. It is definitely a must have for all bloggers.

If you are new to Pinterest, Check out my post: PINTEREST 101: BEGINNER’S GUIDE


One of my fave blogging and social media app. Twitter is a great way to promote content and engage both with other people’s content and blogging communities that are really supportive. There are lot of blogging communities on twitter; few include- #BloggersTribe, The CliqueRT, GRLPOWR, InfluencerRT, teacupclub etc.


This is an amazing app. This app helps you design visuals and graphics for your blog in a faster way. Canva create high quality and appealing visuals for blog headers, Pins for Pinterest, media kits and so on. It has lot of tools, designs, graphics, templates & pictures. And this app is pretty free. I use this in creating all my blog post header.


Crowdfire is super smart social media manager that manages most of your social accounts in one place. This is my go to app for scheduling posts. I use crowdfire to schedule my posts on Twitter and LinkedIn. It also allows me manage my followers and unfollowers on Twitter which is cool. Crowdfire works with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, WordPress, Shopify, Vimeo and few others.


Instagram has become a necessity for any blogger seeking to be successful and working with brands. I use Instagram to promote my blogposts, write mini reviews on products I’m loving and share a little bit of my life with my followers. Although Instagram has come under a lot of negative light lately due to its algorithm issues and what not, there is no denying that it is the largest growing social media platform for bloggers. If you are looking to work with brands, and hopefully turn your blog in to a business, then Instagram is the place go.


Yes, you need a Browser. Safari, Chrome, Firefox are great browsers but I only use my Samsung internet browser and I love it. You can’t publish a post without making research on it. I use my browser not only to make research on what I want to post but also to see other contents and see my competitors & also to find inspirations for new blog post ideas.
There’s nothing you want to post that someone hasn’t posted bout it except you reviewing a product that is just bout hitting the market, Lol 😉


I use about 5-6 editing apps 😁. Yes, I can be extra 👅. VSCO, Snapseed, Facetune, Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Lightroom CC are my go to editing apps. Oops, I almost forgot my Samsung Photo Editor. These apps gives you clear and crisp quality pictures. You wouldn’t want to put an unclear, blurry picture on your blog post.

Have you tried any of these blogging Apps? Any blogging app that you would love to recommend? Let me know in the comment section!


Haleemah Al-sadiya 🌹


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