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Welcome back to Halsadiya Beauty blog 💃🏾

Today’s post is all about time management. The credit for this post goes to one of my followers IBlissMakeup, do check out her blog and follow her 💋.

I’ve been asked by some of my followers/acquaintances randomly on how I manage my time blogging despite having a job as a banker, so after reading this similar post from IBlissMakeup– I thought, I could write about this and post it on my blog.

As bloggers, our schedule can get really crazy and tend to neglect our blog when this happens, 3 days between posts turns to 5 days, a week & sometimes more. When we desperately strive to finish up a post, something come up sometimes- kids, family, work, just something. I’m not perfect, and sometimes not consistent. I suck at balancing my full-time job and blogging together- tbh, I’m trying to find a balance and sometimes I think Maybe I should just pick one and stop trying to be a superhero 🤣

Sometimes I ask myself how I cope with everything, how I’m surviving and all?. I wouldn’t say I’m great at time management, planning and all, but I do give my best at it and I will say I’m getting good at some and there are couple of things I’m bad not good at.

I’ve learned that no matter how busy you are, You can always make out time in the busiest of days to do something you love.

Let me share a little with y’all bout my background, I’m a B.sc Chemistry holder and currently working as a digital banker. Also, the content writer/blogger of Halsadiya Beauty blog. I’m just going with the flow as I am really confused on wah part to follow, I’m interested in IT/programming which is weird considering my science and finance background. Okurr, that’s all 😂😂

I Have few tips that work for me. And maybe they could work for you even if you are a student, fulltime worker, Mom , housewife or just working from home and running a blog.

1. Planning – this helps me a lottt. I make out time to plan my blog post ahead and make research bout it, take pictures and edit them as it reduces stress for me. I have a blog diary I go everywhere with, I do make a blog post list a month or two months ahead- so I just pick up a title weeks before and make research bout it.

I hardly get free time to myself at work, but the fun part is I work with my phone so I have access to it all day. When I get less busy; even if it’s 5-10 minutes, I write down things in my blog diary so as not to forget or make a recording of it to make things easier.

When I get home, after taking a shower, I take my time to do my post research or edit pictures for an hour while listening to music which makes my calm.

2. Schedule time to Blog– After planning and researching, I start typing and publish my post. Most times I blog with my Phone which I find more preferable and faster than my Laptop. I blog mostly on weekends especially Saturday’s when I’m stress free and less distracted.

3. Be consistent with your content – Knowing your readers is really important. Have a style of writing. Give your audience something to hold on to even if you have a blog break and reasons to come back to your blog. The more familiar and consistent it is, the more likely they are to return. Be real!!!

4. Schedule Social Media Post – there are 2 ways you can schedule your posts. First is manually, without the use of apps which is time consuming. It takes me bout 25-30 mins trying to share my post on social media including Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsapp and 3 other apps. Depending on your followers, it could take you more than 30 minutes.

Secondly, scheduling posts via apps like Planoly, Crowdfire, hootsuite and lot more can be easier. I use Crowdfire to schedule my posts on Twitter and LinkedIn. I’ve heard a lot bout Tailwind for Pinterest, will look into that soon.

5. Make Sacrifices – Sometimes, sacrifices need to be made in order to achieve our goals. I make sacrifices by skipping my evening watching movies for time spent working on my blog. There are lot of sacrifices to make not only skipping Netflix or movies, it could be cancelling going to lounges Or pubs on Thursday nights, Friday night outing, a one time shopping you could do later etc.

Another sacrifice I’ve made is by investing in my blog by not buying some outfits I wanted to have and using the money to get a domain earlier this year 😁😁.

6. Focus – A lot easier said than done. I’m easily distracted, tho I’m working on this. I achieve more when I’m focused. Like I’ve been trying to finish up this post since Saturday but I got carried away with work and few things. Try not to handle more than what you can.

Working on your blog while you work full time is a lot of effort – but it is possible. It takes time, commitment and organisation but it is so rewarding 💋💋

How do you manage your time as either a student or full-time worker and a blogger???

Haleemah Al-sadiya 🌹

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  1. I love your tips. I just had this conversation with my friend . I was just telling her that I don’t blog as much as I use to. I use to do three- four post a week on top of work and my other crafts. Now I do about 1 maybe two depending on how my week is going . I’m going to try your tips and see if it works thank you !

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