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Hey sweethearts.

Thank you for the love you all showed me on my last post, I love you guys.

I’m going to review a product that people have been raving about. Dealing with an oily skin is a big deal especially if you are in Nigeria as most people with oily skin have to endure their make-up melting away, looking sweaty and constant blotting with blotting sheets. If you have been following my blog, you will know I have an oily/acne-prone sensitive skin which is had to just try out any products or share my personal makeup brushes with others.

I heard about this product sometimes last year from a client of mine, I’ve been on the search for this till I layed my hands on it last week. I will say I’m pretty impressed about this product. Yayy, It’s the POND’S LASTING OIL CONTROL VANISHING CREAM. I bought this for #3,500 from AREWAKHADEE ON INSTAGRAM.


This cream is designed for African skin to:

  • Absorb excess oil and prevent skin problems from oil build-up.
  • Give an instant matte look
  • Nourish and leave skin feeling beautifully soft
  • All-day long lasting oil control
  • Also dermatologically tested and clinically proven to control oil all day.

This cream is very thick. It has a creamy and powdery texture. Also a powdery fragrance. You need a little quantity when applying, you have to moisturize it well so as not to leave a whitish powdery residue on your face.

It really did a great job by absorbing excess oil and giving a matte look all day. It controlled excess oil for over 9-10 hours on my face, yea, i wore my make-up around 7am and by past 7pm, my face wasn’t really oily. I’m really impressed and I love it. To be honest, I was afraid and skeptical about using this because of my sensitive skin. I used it thrice consecutively during the day and twice before bed, and I didn’t have any break out at all, no acne, no whiteheads, nothing at all. Wow, I was freaking suprised. Finally, I found a stable Primer/Vanishing cream for my skin type. You guys need to try it out. It’s a 8/10 for me. 👏👏👏

The only thing I don’t like much about it is the thick consistency. I feel they should work on that. Apart from that, this product is lovely.

I heard about their face wash too, and I would love to try it out someday.

Thank you for reading 💋💋

Ladies, have you tried this vanishing cream/primer? What do you think about it? Share with me in the comment section below ❤

Haleemah Al-sadiya


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