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Hey guys, i hope you all doing great asf? I’m extremely sorry I’ve been away for long, I had a lot going on. Please pardon me😧, I will try so hard to post at least once a week. I feel like I’m the most stressed person on earth and probably need a full body massage. This weather is so hot which ain’t even helping matter. I will try to make this post as detailed as possible.

So, I actually promised to make a review on this liquid lipstick which is the ‘ZARON MATTE STAIN IN EVE’. This lipstain issa bomb, like wah you all using if you don’t use this particular brand lipstain??? I wore this lippie to work one day and everybody couldn’t stop glancing at me at least twice. People kept on asking wah shade of lippie i was wearing? Like i did feel like the C.E.O of ZARON 😂😂😂


Zaron matte stain is a highly pigmented, matte & long-lasting wear. It comes in a black pack with the brand name on it. And also a black tube with contains the lipstick and applicator. I bought this shade in EVE, for #3,340. Contact me to cop yours.


It is easy to wear and apply, with and without lip liner. It is very pigmented and long-lasting. Just one dip on application is enough for a day wear. It is very comfortable and moisturizing. I really do love this matte stain. They do not crease or crack. It isn’t extremely dry. This shade of red is so gorgeous. I will definitely buy some other shades. They are also quite affordable. Below are some pictures of me wearing the matte stain


Did you miss me? Was this review of any help? Ever tried zaron matte stain? Or lipsticks? Please feel free to leave a reply, I’ll love to know what you all think?

Xoxo ❤❤

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